Monday, February 16, 2009

Our 1st Giveaway!

We are very excited to announce today Whoa Team's first monthly giveaway. Every month we will be hosting a giveaway with items from our wonderful team artists.
This month you have three chances to win! All you have to do to enter is click on this link which will take you to an Etsy Whoa Team search page, and let us know what one of your favorite pieces is. You could also click on the box on the left sidebar that says "Shop".

You must leave a comment on this post only. Also, please make sure we have an easy way to reach you by leaving an email address, or having one tied to your blogger account. If we cannot contact you in a few days your prize will go to another person.

We will draw the winner's names in 10 days on Thursday, February 26, 2009.

And now, without further ado, here are February's giveaway prizes...

A very pretty pegasus purse mirror and magnet from Artwolf.

Two gorgeous ACEO prints from De La Renaissance

"Bunny Ears"

"Beauty and the Dragonfly"

Handpainted black horse pendant from Gypsy Mare Studios.


  1. Great giveaway. Here's my favorite from your search page:
    I have loved horses since I was a small child, but can't ride anymore so can only admire. Great team.
    I am mishap from etsy, e-mail,

  2. So many great items! I do love the turquoise and black lampwork pony pendant by Dianadear...

  3. Oh you made it so hard to choose! I love so many items (any of the lampwork glass pieces from DianaDear are just darling). However, here is my favorite:
    The artist managed to capture the grace, beauty and majesty of this Arabian horse - I feel like I am looking into its soul :)
    You can convo me through my Etsy store:
    Thank you and good luck to everyone, the prizes are divine!

  4. Wow - so many wonderful choices!! I am very fond of "Peek a Boo" - the look on it's little face makes me smile!!! The prizes are amazing - please count me in!! Sarah

  5. There are so many great pieces to choose from. Lots of talent in this group. I really liked Purple Crystal Equine Jewelry' Love pendant.


  6. So many amazing pieces of art.
    ONE of my favorites is this beauty from DianaDear
    McLovey the pony. Glass art fascinates me, and I love the detail in this wee lil guy.

  7. I have 2 great equine loves -horse racing and arabians. The Northern Dancer print by Linda Shantz is a wonderful tribute to a GREAT he was a canadian like I am:)
    My very fav pic of the day..and I'm sure it could change by the hour is Ambitious Attempt, an original painting by JoArtCologne. It realy captures the beauty of the arabian and of course reminds me of my boy Aldante.
    So please count me in your giveaway, I love all the prizes.


    I love the Mustang Lampwork Focal Pendant most! It's such an awesome piece and i marvel at the intricate details of the horse. I was taken in my the pendant the very instant i set my eyes on it. Such a wonderful piece. I love all her pieces! Definitely great pieces of art that are timeless and would look great on any person.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    mel_88_88 at hotmail dot com

  9. I don't know that I have an out and out favorite, there are SO MANY wonderful artworks!!!! But, I love the raku guardian horse vase by raku4u. Again, good work all of you, for the beautiful art!

  10. It was painfully hard to choose! Early Morning Blues is really powerful, however. I can actually feel the chill in the air, and the wet forest, silent except for the wooshing gust of Phantom's breath, the lingering drips of an earlier shower falling from the branches, and an early songbird or two.

  11. lovely prize my favorite item is the Blue Mare - Original Horse Art Pendant Necklace

  12. I love so much. It is all lovely. I think one of my most fave pieces in the shop is Tobiano Paint Horse Lampwork Focal Pendant by dianadear because I own Paints. There are so many lovely items from all of the artists. I think my fave of the prizes is "Bunny Ears" because it looks so much like my gelding, Jack when he was just a foal. I do love them all though.

  13. It is so wonderful to see all of the artists going together to promote each other, you all do beautiful work! I hope that I have a chance at winning one of your beautiful giveaways!! thank you all for the oportunity.

  14. Didn't get too far before I fell in love with Diana Dear's Ghost Horse pendant.

  15. Night Mare - Original Hand Painted Wild Black Horse Pendant Necklace
    by gypsymarestudios

    I Love the Black of the horse...lil' girl in me invisions "Black Beauty" and something really silly..."Ichabod Crane" running away from my favorite childrens story bad guy, "The Headless Horseman". I have always loved a black horse. The Black of any animal amazes my eyes with the change in softness, tones, like a mother of pearl. I always ask myself what is a true black. Ok rambling....Toodles


    Sonia ;)

  16. Too many lovely choices! I'd have to say the bracelet by Five O'Clock Somewhere, called the Tally Ho Equestrian Bracelet. My first horeses' name was Tally Ho, so it's extra special to me.

    And I LOVE the gypsymarestudios black horse necklace prize, I'm a black horse fan, too!

  17. I love all things horses :) Extremely hard to narrow it down. But I really like the piece...

    ACEO Warrior Horse Mini Print 1\/25
    by shadowhorsestudios

    Just love the red that surrounds the horse. And the detail on the armor is amazing.

  18. Please please please enter me. I love WHOA team, you guys are amazing. I couldn't POSSIBLY choose one item from your stuff! I'll pick 3. Is that ok?

    I adore the horse charm cuff bracelet by purplecr2
    The horse's eye by artbyakiko is absolutely breathtaking (I couldn't believe it was a painting from the thumbnail)
    the Sunlit Bay painting is gorgeous too.

    I could pick 50 (and in fact I pick them all the time to add to my favorites box on my blog)

    Thanks, I'm so excited!

  19. WoW! So many talented artists and so little money! I had the toughest time choosing! I finally settled on "Seeing Spots" That picture and horse just spoke to me.
    My email is
    Thank you!

  20. I love the RUNNING HORSE Necklace by HeartofaCowgirl!

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  21. Thanks for the great give-away! This is such a great team with so much great art! I can't pick one favorite so I just had to quit and post one of my many choices -

    you can contact me at:

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  23. Pick a favorite? This is so not fair!!! How do I pick a single favorite, you've tasked me, you have tasked me!!!! Ok, drama over.....

    Seriously, I was blown away by the selection, and I looked through ALL 34 pages of listings! I've picked this piece as one (of many) that speaks to me: Gotta Dance watercolor yupo painting by WabibrookStudio.

    There I did it, only because I was enticed by the fantastic "carrots" dangled before me....

  24. This is hard, very very hard!! I think I'm going to pick Grey Arabian framed 6 x 8 canvas board by Carol because it reminds me of Bill (real name Faseem) who was beautiful to watch, gentle, sweet, and is now gone from this world.

  25. Great idea to have a contest. The items are absolutely beautiful. Count me in :)

  26. Too many favorites! So today I will choose Lascaux Horse Raku Pot, by Raku4u. The give aways are gorgeous too!

  27. trouble with posting so Passed on via Greg then myself.......
    My favorite item is the "Windblown - Wild Horse - Signed 5x7 Fine Art Photograph, listing #15189912"! It is simply stunning!

    Thank you and Have a great day!

  28. If you try posting a comment and it comes up with a reply it cant post for some reason, wait a few seconds and hit 'post comment' again, if that doesn't work, convo your comment to me Artwolf on Etsy and I'll post for you.Lindax

  29. Whoa is right! I had no idea there were so many talented equine artists on etsy. It was very difficult to choose a favorite but because I am such a huge fan of lampwork beads and glass, I chose the Buckskin pendant made by dianadear:
    You can reach me at
    Fabulous blog - I look forward to checking back frequently to see what else gets posted. All the best to all of the artists!

  30. So hard to choose one since all the Whoa artists and their works are amazing!
    I really do love Linda Shantz's style though "Nobility Without Conceit" is a fave because her two horses have the kindest eyes. Here is the link for the listing:

  31. Difficult choive! I choose Vintage Photo Western Horse Necklace it's so pretty! Thanks for the chance!


  32. The "Love" necklace is my fave:


    The Black Fresian/Andualusian in 6 x 8 Vintage gold tone wood Frame is such a stunning and magnificient piece. Such a wonderful painting that left me in total awe.


  34. Whoa, too many great items to choose from! I really like "Over the Fence" by SheonaHamiltonGrant. Great giveaway! I can be reached at

  35. Ooohhh, I love the Running Horse Herd, 8 1/2 x 11 Museum Quality Fine Art Print. It's so beautiful!

  36. The Blue Roan Horse Lampwork focal pendant is lovely.

  37. Yay! A giveaway! I love horses - grew up riding and caring for them, but can't do it anymore due to illness. My favorite from the search would have to be this one:

    I love the rugged feel and simple beauty.

  38. Soo many beautiful horse images!! I chose
    "Flight Of The Pegasus" as one of my favorites

  39. All great stuff! I really like the Zebra/Horse. Of course the pencil drawings are lovely too.

  40. Such a hard choice! I really loved the Love pendant!

  41. The Wild and Free Pendant necklace is so different from the drawings and paintings, and has the spirit of freedom and the wind!

  42. OMG! Jackpot! What a great collection of horse stuff, I will have to for sure check back in and keep looking at everyone's great items when I have more time. Thank you Whoa Horse Art Team, well done. Of course I can't pick one favorite item and you know Jen, your horse work is always top on my list, but I really do like the pendants that KDemARTe has with the horse running and the two horse heads touching in that heart shape and the little horseshoes. Cute and very affordable!


  43. Hi, My 10 year old son was next to me here and helped me pick. We really like everything at De La Renaissance, and we picked this one as a favorite.

  44. Love the Windblown - Wild Horse - 8x10 Original Signed Fine Art Photograph.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  45. I love the Horse Hoops earrings!


    it is really hard to decide, I am such a big fan of so many of the artists on this team!

  47. I absolutely love the Hanoverian Colt Trot Study in Oil. That is gorgeous! Thank you!

  48. When I reread your post I realized that I was susposed to tell you which piece of artwork that I liked the best!! Any of the jewelry pieces, most definatly, you ladies do beautiful work!

  49. So many beautiful horses, how can I ever pick just one. I really had trouble narrowing it down but this one has an grey arab so I finally decided on it.

  50. I love horses, so was VERY excited to run across this giveaway! Wow, there's sooo many beautiful items to choose from... How can I pick just one favorite? LOL! Let me see...

    I've always admired the Horse Head Necklace from KDemARTe - so gorgeous.

    Thanks for hosting this fab giveaway! :)


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  52. It was so hard to choose just one favorite but I finally decided on 'Ferdinand' by turtlefoxdesign

  53. Hi Jennifer! Your Nightmare pendant is my fave, though I love them all :~). ~Kitty

  54. For some reason this blog was not accepting commments last night so I am adding one sent to my blog from Linda @ Beautiful Mustang:

    You know, I can't add comments at the Whoa ARt Team blog. Are people still having trouble with it? I'm going to post my comment here since one of the pieces I mentioned is your buckskin pendant!

    Gypsy Mare's Buckskin pendant (reminds me of my horse--love it) and Lucy Calhoun's, Wyoming Summer, to name two, but there are many more I named in my last posts--but lost them. Kudos to all of the artists here and the beautiful equestrian pieces you are producing! Thank you

  55. Thank you, Jennifer--and I'm on a new computer now which seems to be able to post for some reason! I do love many of the jewelry pieces and work by Artwolf, too--the little colt and red bird for one--which I would love to have as stationary.

    I think it's great what you're all doing here.

  56. I have a lot of favorites! Here's one of my favorites from this very talented team:

    This horse seems so lifelike!

    You can contact me via my Etsy shop, StarMountainDreams (it's also linked to my blog)

  57. I LOVE the "Love pendent"
    My mother in law loves horse, this would be perfect for her.

  58. One of my favorite items from your awesome Art Team is the Happy Birthday Horse Card from hilink

    Thanks for the giveaway!


    I love horses and Gypsy Vanner Painting by Carol Buck has depicted horses perfectly. It looks great and i love the painting very much.


  60. TURQUOISE and PIETERSITE Running Horse Bracelet ( is pretty! It would look great on the wrist and i love the design.

    dancerinthemaking AT gmail DOT com

  61. Oh, great contest! And since I love her stuff, here's my favorite:

    hjwestfall1013 @comcast. net

  62. I like the Horse Pals necklace.

  63. wow beauty and the dragonfly is amazing and so beautiful!-Becky


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