Thursday, December 23, 2010

Seasons Greetings

Wishing all our Members the compliments of the Season, for a Happy and Peaceful Christmastide, and a Creative, and Successful New Year .
Painting by Sir Alfred Munnings

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Snow Days

Artists featured; LindaShantz , aleciaunderhill, delarenaissance artbyregant, equinepencilart, and grandhorse.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Through a Camera's Lense

Just a few of our Etsy Whoa Team members Photographic artworks.
From Top to Bottom, etsy shops,
deblittle,Irelandrose, shanekelly, Grayhorsedesigns,
NatureVisions, Celticcatphotos.
Links to all Etsy Shops left

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jewellery for Horse Devotees

The Etsy Whoa Horse artists Team has many members that produce Jewellery of in a wide selection of differing styles to suit many tastes, here is just a very small random pick.
Top to bottom order, sellers featured are listed with their shop links below photographs..






Sunday, October 3, 2010

Autumn Snapshot

Paintings with an Autumnal Warmth to fill the chilly days ahead.
Artists and their Etsy Shop name links Listed for the paintings as shown

Mare and foal below, Artist

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sketchbook Auction Sold Today 20th AUGUST

The Whoa Sketchbook first started in 2008, by the original founding group on Ebay, and its contributing members, The sketchbook is to be auctioned on Ebay, starting August 10th, for a 10 day auction period ending on 20th August, auctioned by by Jennifer, the well known artist of Gypsymarestudios, proceeds will be given to benefit a horse welfare charity.Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary
Many well known artists have contributed sketches and art for the sale. see link to view all their works...The Sketchbook started off in England with Danielle Barlows wonderful sketches from Dartmoor, Just click on this link... below..

Monday, May 31, 2010

Hi everyone,
I didn't know who to ask permission from to put a post here so feel free to delete this. I had an idea that I wanted to share with all of you. I received an email from an Etsy artist today offering to let me post two of my photos on her facebook page. She said that she was going to have an ever changing gallery of Etsy art. I thought, what a fantastic idea. She's not only helping other Etsy artists but she's bringing exposure to her own page and work. I wondered why we don't have a facebook page for our Whoa team? We could have different photo albums for different mediums and let members post a specific number of photos to illustrate exactly what they do. We could link with this blog and have new blog posts announced on the page as well as maybe news about our members. It would be a great way to advertise both the team and Etsy. I've been surprised when I post my Etsy news on my own facebook page that so many haven't heard of this wonderful site.
So, what do you think? You can reach me here to let me know,
~Sande Elkins, Gray Horse Designs

Monday, April 26, 2010

Featured Artist - Timothy Riesing

Whoa Horse Art Team would like to welcome Tim Riesing,
of Riesings Rockers, as our featured artist!
Be sure to check out his Etsy Shop for some really amazing and unique equine art.

Please tell us a little about yourself, Tim.
I am a Wisconsin State Fair Most Look Alike twin winner (the year shall remain my secret), have been married thirty nine (I think) years, am an empty nester with a daughter in Minneapolis, a son in Madison Wisconsin and another five miles from our home. We live in Franklin Wisconsin, a southern suburb of Milwaukee. I graduated from UW Madison majoring in Art, Science and History. I’ve worked as an art director in the advertising field for over twenty years. Bonnie and I were married when I was still at the UW and lived in Madison for several years. Those were happy times.

When did you first start in the rocking animal business?

We were in a Doctor’s waiting room when my son Nathan was small. He was having a great time on the simplest rocking horse you could imagine. “I could make that” I said in my big grown up voice. Some time later (thanks to my big grown up over thinking) there sat in our apartment, a full sized four legged horse with mane and tail whose saddle was four feet off the ground and required Bonnie to hold each boy in turn for the duration of his ride. They loved it, she hated it. I started again and created a legless horse, lion and rhino. Everyone was happy. Years later, in need of a hobby, I picked up where I left off. A series of downsizes brought me to where I am today.

What inspires you to create?

I have always been inspired by any form of expression, from the earliest cave paintings to the impressionists. Howard Pyle, Norman Rockwell and Andrew Wyeth have always been special. I admire those who create music as well. (I myself am tone def and couldn’t carry a tune to save my life) I’d have to say my biggest inspiration has been my twin brother Tom. He is himself a very talented craftsman. He is a great admirer of Native American art and works in the most authentic and traditional ways. The things he creates are of museum quality and he amazes me with his unquestioning willingness to rework or start again until he achieves perfection. I’ve been chided many times for my “I’ll get it next time” attitude. I have to say that his encouragement and pushing has been a great blessing. (By the way, he approves of where he has now brought me)

Is any one piece a favorite?

My favorite piece is always the one I’m doing now. My next favorite is always the one in my head. As soon as I can see light at the end of the tunnel, I’m planning my next project. In the past, I’ve often had as many as four pieces in different stages at the same time. Each piece is researched for accuracy, and I enjoy learning new information about the many unexpected ramifications of each. I try to tell a little story around many of my works and often try to have a little fun with that story.

Any Pets?

Since we took in a stray “for a little while” when I was in school, we have always had at least one cat. For the last twenty years or so, we have always had two. Our older cat is Ivy, a large long haired black Siberian. I’ve always called her “our dog” because she was always at the door waiting when I came in and followed me around (often underfoot) like one. I laughed heartily when on a recent “Cats 101” show; they referred to the Siberian as “the dog” of the cat world. In my piece “To Hounds”, her regal paws crossed way of relaxing can be seen in the attitude of my fox. Our younger cat is Hailey. We just adore her. She is so friendly and loving. The second she sees a pair of legs stretched out, she is up stretching herself out in the dip between the two. Many times we both remain longer seated or laying than wanted because we don’t want to disturb her. I call her my “shop cat” because she is always right there as I work on my pieces. She often sits on my drawing board or work bench. Many times she is on my lap as I’m sanding or painting.

Any future plans?

Over these many years, I’ve tried many venues for my rocking menagerie. All have been very limited and unsuccessful. My work isn’t for everyone. But as I kept creating, my house began to fill up. I resorted to giving them away to people who appreciated them.
My house and basement are full of rocking creatures (mainly horses). Etsy has been a wonderful find. While my work is pricy (a function of the many months work required) and is not selling any better, I’ve been able to share it with people all over the world.
To me that’s incredible. From my basement, brother, children and a limited few, to the world (if it cares to look), is amazing. My only plan is to keep creating and posting. (Although, that doesn’t help with my space problem).

Friday, February 12, 2010

Featured Artist: Sheona Hamilton Grant

Our newest featured artist is Sheona Hamilton Grant who lives in Belgium.
To learn more about Sheona, please visit her website, blog or Etsy shop!
You can also become a fan of Sheona's work on Facebook.

How long have you been selling on Etsy? 1 year

What are your earliest memories of creating equine art? Drawing a big stallion on a chalkboard in school at the age of 13 and being upset when it was wiped off and replaced by algebra.

What is your favorite medium?
Graphite: pencils rock! ;)

What artists have influenced your work or provided inspiration?

The most important influence has to be the words of wisdom given to me by my brother (a very talented graphic artist) “never forget the beauty of each stroke”. He has always been my most honest and constructive authority in a way only brothers can be. Mike Sibley has had a big influence by proving that the pencil has no boundaries and that it is all down to how we see.
I have also found inspiration in the work of the many masters.
Magritte for his skill for painting the obvious, his no-fuss technique and use of “less is more” to create confusion, shock and a lasting impression.
Degas, Rubens & Rembrandt for their terrific pencil and brush strokes.
Da Vinci the wisest most accomplished artist ever to have lived. His art & equine art is inspirational.
Hopper for his use of light & compositional strength.
Growing up I was surrounded by images of illustrator Rien Poortvliet and photographers Helmut Newton, Robert Doiseneau, Henri Cartier-Bresson & Bruce Davidson . They showed me an honest and sincere way of representing the world.

Please tell us a little about your pets.
Basilika, my gorgeous Swedish Warmblood. She is now 20 and living out her years in a life of luxury in Brussels.
Oliver Tiddles & Jessy Jane our two cats. Both rule the house, are useless at moussing but very good and purring, eating, sleeping and pretending to listen to anything I have to say.
Johnny J0 is our part-time hound. Actually he’s my parents long haired Jack Russell now in his 15th year. He lives with us when my parents are travelling. He lives with us most of the year. He hates cameras, thinks he’s stronger and than a German Shepard and never tires of being with children.

Any future plans you'd like to share? Big Solo Show in Germany in the State Stud in Warendorf (10 April to the 2nd of May)I will be showcasing over 40 drawings old and new.
Finishing writing a book “My Colours of Graphite”, a retrospective of my work and how it all came about. The launch will be early spring.

"Zig Zag" - Click HERE to purchase this print.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spotlight on Jennifer Pratt

Our newest featured artist is Jennifer Pratt from Ontario.
To learn more about Jenn, please visit her website and blog.
For original paintings and notecards, visit her Etsy Shop.

How long have you been selling on Etsy?
I've been on Etsy for almost one year.

What do you like about selling on Etsy?
I love Etsy! It's easy for one, and there is great quality of work throughout the site. It has also made it easy to make my work available to collectors - both local and from other countries.

"Toby" 8x10 oil on canvas


What are your earliest memories of creating equine art?
Grade school - in my world, horses were the only subject! whether is was clay, plaster, wood, paint or paper!

What is your favorite medium?
Oil! I was a coloured pencil artist for years, but made the switch last year and never looked back.

Gran Gesto - Canadian Olympic Dressage Team, Beijing

What artists have influenced your work or provided inspiration?
I credit two specific artists who provide me great inspiration - Vicki McMurry for colour and John Singer Sargent for brushwork and direct painting methods. However I credit all artists and artwork around me for continued inspiration daily!

Please tell us a little about your pets.
Pets - my dog Maddie, about 11 +/-. a rescue Shep/Collie mix. I have a hard time wondering why she was a rescue, we love her to pieces. She has become my four year old son's best friend and means so much to us in our lives.
I've been a horse owner for many years, but late last year decided to take a break to focus on painting in greater depth. My lovely Dutch bred mare has gone to a friend for breeding and we are beyond excited to see a foal from her in the future.

Eye Study III
8x10 oil on linen