Friday, February 12, 2010

Featured Artist: Sheona Hamilton Grant

Our newest featured artist is Sheona Hamilton Grant who lives in Belgium.
To learn more about Sheona, please visit her website, blog or Etsy shop!
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How long have you been selling on Etsy? 1 year

What are your earliest memories of creating equine art? Drawing a big stallion on a chalkboard in school at the age of 13 and being upset when it was wiped off and replaced by algebra.

What is your favorite medium?
Graphite: pencils rock! ;)

What artists have influenced your work or provided inspiration?

The most important influence has to be the words of wisdom given to me by my brother (a very talented graphic artist) “never forget the beauty of each stroke”. He has always been my most honest and constructive authority in a way only brothers can be. Mike Sibley has had a big influence by proving that the pencil has no boundaries and that it is all down to how we see.
I have also found inspiration in the work of the many masters.
Magritte for his skill for painting the obvious, his no-fuss technique and use of “less is more” to create confusion, shock and a lasting impression.
Degas, Rubens & Rembrandt for their terrific pencil and brush strokes.
Da Vinci the wisest most accomplished artist ever to have lived. His art & equine art is inspirational.
Hopper for his use of light & compositional strength.
Growing up I was surrounded by images of illustrator Rien Poortvliet and photographers Helmut Newton, Robert Doiseneau, Henri Cartier-Bresson & Bruce Davidson . They showed me an honest and sincere way of representing the world.

Please tell us a little about your pets.
Basilika, my gorgeous Swedish Warmblood. She is now 20 and living out her years in a life of luxury in Brussels.
Oliver Tiddles & Jessy Jane our two cats. Both rule the house, are useless at moussing but very good and purring, eating, sleeping and pretending to listen to anything I have to say.
Johnny J0 is our part-time hound. Actually he’s my parents long haired Jack Russell now in his 15th year. He lives with us when my parents are travelling. He lives with us most of the year. He hates cameras, thinks he’s stronger and than a German Shepard and never tires of being with children.

Any future plans you'd like to share? Big Solo Show in Germany in the State Stud in Warendorf (10 April to the 2nd of May)I will be showcasing over 40 drawings old and new.
Finishing writing a book “My Colours of Graphite”, a retrospective of my work and how it all came about. The launch will be early spring.

"Zig Zag" - Click HERE to purchase this print.