Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Whoa Team Spotlight: Moonlight Photography

Meet Whoa Team member, Deborah Lehman, of Moonlight Photography.

How long have you been selling on Etsy?
I will celebrate my 1 year anniversary this week.

How do you like selling on Etsy?

I love it! It is so easy and convenient.I get instant feedback when listing a new item,and I simply love the treasuries!

What is your favorite medium? Photography

"A Boy and His Horse" - click to purchase

How do you find inspiration for your art?
Nature and color, beauty in all things actually.Recently the horses!

Do you have any favorites?
Baffler Love, because I feel it was a one in a lifetime shot! Strike a Pose, because it is a great combination of photography and photoshop and finally A Boy and His Horse, my grandson and Baffler!

"Baffler Love" - click to purchase

Any pets?
Sadly I lost my fabulous Doberman (Gretyl) a couple of years ago,but I have two cats Tink and Jet and now my new stallion, Mr. Man. I have fallen head over heels for him, he is quite a character!

How do you envision your artistic future?
I really don't know where photography will take me. I have only been at it seriously for about 2 years and I know I still have a lot to learn.I just focus on learning and creating whatever comes will be a bonus. I am grateful for the inspiration Etsy and Whoa Team have given me! Being a part of a group is wonderful and joyous. I look forward to all the new creative avenues to explore in the coming years!

"Strike a Pose" - click to purchase