Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Artwolf

This week our featured artist is Linda, aka Artwolf. Thank you Linda for answering my little Q & A!

How long have you been selling on Etsy?
10 months

What do you like about Etsy?
There's real feel good atmosphere to the whole site, I really love it.
I know it sounds like a promo, but the staff are great, and everyone is just so helpful and pleasant to deal with.

What are your earliest memories of creating equine art?
I know this sounds stone age, but scratching with a nail on roof slates. Chalking on pavement(sidewalk).
Paper was at real premium, children were not given the luxury of sheets of paper.
My older sister, would bring scrap paper home from work, then I would attempt to draw Mr.Ed and Champion the wonder horse.

What is your favourite medium?
Its always been Mixed media combination of Pastels the harder chalk ones,soft artists pencils,watercolour,and ink all together.
I must admit I'll grab anything that works, your coffee dregs probably aren't safe Jen!

What artists have influenced your work or provided inspiration?
I remember the images, but don't know the names of the earliest ones, they were the wonderful illustrators of books like Black Beauty, Jill has Two Ponies. As I've grown older I've recognized Arthur Rackham, Dulac,and many wonderful artists from very early years. These were books my Mother bought from jumble/yard sales, so many were full of illustrations from 1920's to1950s,
Today one of my enduring classic favourites are Munnings oils.

Please tell us a little about your pets.
I have one elderly 7/8 Thoroughbred cross Irish Hunter, Bay Mare, Now is she 34 or 35 Yrs old!
She and I used to Compete in Eventing together,She was very brave and bold, and beautifully mannered in and out of the Stable.
Her name is 'Wednesday's Choice' , because she was bought at the Hereford Bloodstock Sales on the Wednesday.
Her Stable name is 'Woozle' from the Winnie the Pooh Story about hunting the woozle.
Poppy is my Black Labrador, my constant companion, a real sweet pea, always under my art table.
Sadly dear Poppy passed peacefully over the Rainbow Bridge 12th May 2009, Dearly missed.
17th August 2010, Sadly Woozle has also now gone to greener pastures joining old friends and Poppy.


  1. Lovely work - great to get to know you better =) Love the photos, too! WOW!

  2. Wonderful work....is that Woozle in the photographs?

  3. Awesome photos and info Linda. And of course, always love your work! =0)

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  5. TY everyone,Thats my Woozle in the photos,I'm so proud of her.Lindax

  6. Looks like you all are starting something wonderful, all the art works are just grand. Really lovely photos too.

  7. Linda, I adore your work!! And what fantastic photos of you and Woozle!!:0)

  8. Loved the interview and love your artwork. You must care for your horse very very well to have her live so long. Sorry about Poppy. It is hard to lose a great dog. How old was he?

  9. Poppy was just 11yrs old, we hoped to have her longer, she is sadly missed. We have a new recruit to the family now, he has been with us just over 8 months now, and he is now just one year old, Prince, a Black Labrador.


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