Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spotlight on Jennifer Pratt

Our newest featured artist is Jennifer Pratt from Ontario.
To learn more about Jenn, please visit her website and blog.
For original paintings and notecards, visit her Etsy Shop.

How long have you been selling on Etsy?
I've been on Etsy for almost one year.

What do you like about selling on Etsy?
I love Etsy! It's easy for one, and there is great quality of work throughout the site. It has also made it easy to make my work available to collectors - both local and from other countries.

"Toby" 8x10 oil on canvas


What are your earliest memories of creating equine art?
Grade school - in my world, horses were the only subject! whether is was clay, plaster, wood, paint or paper!

What is your favorite medium?
Oil! I was a coloured pencil artist for years, but made the switch last year and never looked back.

Gran Gesto - Canadian Olympic Dressage Team, Beijing

What artists have influenced your work or provided inspiration?
I credit two specific artists who provide me great inspiration - Vicki McMurry for colour and John Singer Sargent for brushwork and direct painting methods. However I credit all artists and artwork around me for continued inspiration daily!

Please tell us a little about your pets.
Pets - my dog Maddie, about 11 +/-. a rescue Shep/Collie mix. I have a hard time wondering why she was a rescue, we love her to pieces. She has become my four year old son's best friend and means so much to us in our lives.
I've been a horse owner for many years, but late last year decided to take a break to focus on painting in greater depth. My lovely Dutch bred mare has gone to a friend for breeding and we are beyond excited to see a foal from her in the future.

Eye Study III
8x10 oil on linen