Monday, February 14, 2011

Love of Horses

St.Valentine's day is all about Love, but perhaps the Saint most associated with Animals and their Welfare would be St. Francis. Most Artists have a big heart and reading their blogs and profiles you will see their homes are usually crowded with a motley menagerie of rescued animals, here are just a few of our many members that donate a percentage of proceeds from their shop sales to homing and rescue charities.
Top to Bottom, are
DebLittle, for The Cloud Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping wild horses on their rightful homelands in the wild.
Equinoxphoto, for Cowgirls for a cause rescue equines and dogs
Ksantini, for Animal Welfare
Linda Shantz, for the Long Run Thoroughbred Retirement Society
EpicFarms, for Epic farms rescue and homing horses
MustangaDayChallenge, for Alder Hill Farm Rescue
SusanMontyFineArt, for Pure thoughts Horse and Foal Rescue


  1. thanks so much for including my checkerboard blinkers painting - it's always an honor to be included with WHOA artists!! : )

  2. A lovely little post :-) Equine artists are all about love IMHO - their love for horses just shines and can't be dimmed :-)

  3. Some absolutely gorgeous work! Thank you very much for including my humble little dressage note card in with such prestigious company (we are most honored :o)

  4. Its such a pleasure to be in such good company! Thanks so much for including "Frost" from Alder Hill Farm rescue.

    I just spoke with the founders on Tuesday night and it looks like I will be doing more of their horses for fundraising after I complete the Mustang A Day Challenge... which may never end because Im enjoying it so much =0)

  5. Wonderful! Neat to see the great art and know the groups they support!


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