Monday, May 31, 2010

Hi everyone,
I didn't know who to ask permission from to put a post here so feel free to delete this. I had an idea that I wanted to share with all of you. I received an email from an Etsy artist today offering to let me post two of my photos on her facebook page. She said that she was going to have an ever changing gallery of Etsy art. I thought, what a fantastic idea. She's not only helping other Etsy artists but she's bringing exposure to her own page and work. I wondered why we don't have a facebook page for our Whoa team? We could have different photo albums for different mediums and let members post a specific number of photos to illustrate exactly what they do. We could link with this blog and have new blog posts announced on the page as well as maybe news about our members. It would be a great way to advertise both the team and Etsy. I've been surprised when I post my Etsy news on my own facebook page that so many haven't heard of this wonderful site.
So, what do you think? You can reach me here to let me know,
~Sande Elkins, Gray Horse Designs


  1. I think it'd be a great idea! Facebook has so much marketing and networking potential to be tapped still... please let me know how/if I can help to make this happen!
    And, btw, perhaps we can make a special effort to "fan" or "friend" our fellow artists on here? It seems most artists have a personal site and a studio site as well. The more "fans" the better!
    Thanks, guys.
    Jo Zeller Quentin
    Moose Pants Studio

  2. I'm really excited about this idea, Jo. I think I will try to contact the administrators who started this team and see what they think about it. It would be a great way to market our shops and as you said, we could link to our individual facebook fan pages when we post photos of our work. Facebook lets you link directly to your Etsy shop on your profile page now, too. The Whoa Team is still small enough that I think we could put an effective page together. We might limit each member to either one or two images or maybe a collage image of several pieces or works? Just an idea but I'd love to hear what others think and their ideas on how to make it work.
    Thanks for responding, Jo. I'll keep you posted.
    ~ Sande Elkins, Gray Horse Designs

  3. All sounds good Sande, I'm afraid I know very little about the workings of facebook, etc, so I've, passed all the info and emails etc on to Jennifer ( Gypsymarestudios) as she is up on this, and will know where youre coming from and going to. :) Linda

  4. We have a Facebook Group Page for members of this team. If you search Whoa Horse Art, you should find it. I will set up a fan page soon.
    Thanks - Jen

  5. Sorry about this mix up, Jennifer. You've done a great job on the facebook page...I think this is facebooks equivalent to a fan page now. They did away with fans and now have likes.
    Here is the address for the page:
    Everyone check it out and post photos of your art.

  6. All sorted then, well done Jen, shes on the ball isn't she :)
    I've added a picture link on the left column so its easy to find.....Linda


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